Phil’s Vlog – OMG did I really wrap that? oops.

So before the days of concentrating on my 1jz I also had a v8 commuter – yep I bought it just to sail to work and back in and leave it well alone! Did I? No.  Of course I had to fettle.  I’ve added the car into the ‘Our Soarers’ section above for you to take a look at a few snaps and read about the mods I carried out.  But here’s a little old video of us wrapping the beasty…. I miss the noise.

Thanks for watching


Soarer 1uz – Wrapping a v8 time lapse – Soarer Modifications & How-To vlog

So this video is a bit of a hark to the past… it’s been on another channel a while but I thought I’d bring it back to where it rightfully should be! This was me and Sean from SJB Garage wrapping my v8 commuter white… it was… an experience!


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