Phil’s Vlog – Soarer UPDATE – The calm before the storm?

So I’ve done it, ish.  The brakes are now on.  The wheels are now on.  The car is back together as I tested the PCV valve to see if it was dead and causing my blue smoke – it’s fine so it’s looking like Stem seals.  Here’s a little vlog update, second instalment to come:


So what next? Well everything is now here and ready to rock! Including:

  • Stem seals
  • Cam seals
  • Cam belt
  • Water pump
  • Idler pulley
  • Tensioner
  • BMW Getrag e46 M3 gearbox
  • M3 Propshaft
  • PMC BMW to 1JZ adaptor
  • PMC BMW to 1JZ flywheel
  • BMW e39 530d clutch (LUK) – enough torque handling for now – I’ll have it re-plated when I map the car
  • is200 clutch pedal
  • Brake pedal rubber (going to cut my big brake pedal down to fit it for that OEM look
  • DND BMW gear knob adaptor so I can fit a threaded knob
  • Soarer manual surround
  • Custom leather gaiter for the surround from Inspire Automotive (grey leather + grey stitch to match my interior.)

Let the mission…. begin! vlog updates through the process I promise. 🙂




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