Spring Matsuri; a short video of the infield

We attended spring matsuri at rockingham this year, it was my first time driving at the event and my first time drifting in around 4 years.
The weather wasn’t really ideal to say we were camping but i loved every second of the weekend (even the crash haha)
Anyway, i put together a quick video of a couple of laps i got in before i had the off in the order of my 1st lap, my second lap and finally my 3rd lap showing the progress i learnt.

The infield is (even in wet conditions) very fast which made me quite apprehensive initially but once i was on track it all started to come back to me. This was however the first proper outing for the ps13 since building it too so it was a really good time to shake the car down a bit and see if there were any bits i thought might need changing. (other than the aero i ultimately smashed to fucking pieces)

So, heres the video:

dodgemsquad Spring Matsuri 2018 Rockingham

a short video of my first 3 laps at the drift matsuri held at rockingham

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